Why I Talk So Much (A Revelation!)

More specifically…
Why I talk so much about my medical journey.

I have always loved to talk, as anyone who knows me can attest to, and as I mentioned in my last blog post.
So, when I had my medical emergencies, and ever since, it just seemed obvious (and natural) to me that I would share what I have been going through.
I do it  for several reasons.  The first is the obvious one.  I will not be silenced! LOL  Seriously, I just find it natural to talk about and share what I experience in my life.  I have always shared milestones in my life (new jobs, new homes, achievements, etc.), so it seemed logical to share (when appropriate, obviously) the “B” side of things.  That means sharing the events that may not always be as uplifting or positive, however, ARE my reality.
Anyone who spends any amount of time on social media knows that there is a large population that only shares the “pretty” stuff, and it can make others feel like they are alone, and sometimes, “less than”.  I have always wanted (and try) to create a space where people can relate, interact, and even learn from what I share.  That is what I look for, so that is what I try to provide.
After  all, no one likes to feel alone.

I have noticed that more and more of  my friends are starting to do the same.  Many have started opening up and sharing THEIR medical journeys.  I am referring to people who, otherwise, have been more reserved about what they share.  That means so much!  When someone, who, unlike me, is not usually as public about their lives, makes the decision to share something that is not always pleasant or easy for them, it not only can help them heal, but it can help others.  SO many people are going through things (physically AND emotionally) that noone realizes they are dealing with.  So, when you share your experiences, you can give a voice to that person.

Years ago I was interviewed by the incomparable Denise Koch.  She asked me why I was sharing my story.  I told her “everything happens for a reason, and it happens to the person who will know what to do with it”.   What and HOW people deal with what happens to them is different.
For ME, I knew I was supposed to share my story, in hopes I could help someone else to know they are not alone.

THAT is why I talk so much.

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