First Impressions

Recently, I came across a blog post I wrote for Coffee & Cocktails with MC a while back.  It was focused on LinkedIn profiles, however, the sentiment is one I feel for any social media site, or any website at all for which someone creates a profile.

In fact, first impressions, whether they be for virtual OR real life interactions, are something that I think many people just do not think about nowadays.  And, admittedly, I am judging them for it. LOL

One example I have shared before are all the folks that I see on the local news.  You know…when the reporter out on location finds and has an impromptu chat with bystanders at the scene.  I ABSOLUTELY get that everyone is not trying to have their 15 minutes of fame or get discovered. However, you are being given 20 seconds to answer a question or share an opinion that is going to be watched by thousands of people.  THIS IS YOUR MOMENT.  Whether or not the viewer takes what you say into consideration will depend on how you say it.  It does not have to be eloquent or something that your English teacher would give you an “A” on, but you should be able to present your response in such a way that anyone watching (most of whom don’t know you) will be able to understand.  Otherwise, they are going to completely tune you out, forget about what you said, or worse, remember you for all the wrong reasons.

The same goes with your online presence.  We spend SO much time behind a screen nowadays.  From our computers to our phones, we are communicating without face to face interaction.  And, when we ARE having face to face online interactions (think Zoom meetings), so many people act as though they have forgotten that people can actually see or hear them.

My point is this: (You probably didn’t think I had one, did you? LOL)

You get ONE chance at a first impression.  Whether it is with a business connection or a friend, that ONE first impression will set the tone for that relationship.  And, while someone CAN change their mind about you after that first impression (for better OR worse), if that first interaction leaves a bad taste in their mouth, you are likely not going to get that chance.

If you want to read my original blog post from Coffee & Cocktails with MC, you can find it here:
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