How I See Things

At a loss for words

As I mentioned when  I reintroduced myself in my previous blog  posts, I have not written a  blog post in well over 1 year. In my own defense, I am  NOT a slacker.  I just have a hard time having a one-way conversation. LOL See, as anyone who knows me can attest to, I love …

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My Blind Life – Today

Okay, so my last blog post I gave you the history behind my hydrocephalus, and what it is.  However, that doesn’t really explain how we got to where things are today. So, here goes… As I briefly mentioned, ever since being told I had outgrown my condition I had experienced various symptoms over the years, …

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A Difference of Opinion

I recently posted one of my “Questions of the Day” on my personal Facebook profile,  asking folks to share their ‘unpopular opinions’.  I started it off by sharing one of mine.  I will do so here as well. I started off by saying that I am not on the Brad Pitt “bandwagon”.  I don’t hate …

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My Blind Life

My Story

Hello! So, just a little bit of history about how this became My Blind Life… When I was an infant, I developed hydrocephalus; which is excess fluid on the brain. I had a VP shunt installed, which drained the excess fluid from my brain. When I was a young child, the doctors told me I …

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