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Life does not offer road blocks. It offers detours.

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First Impressions

Recently, I came across a blog post I wrote for Coffee & Cocktails with MC a while back.  It was focused on LinkedIn profiles, however, the sentiment is one I ...

Why I Talk So Much (A Revelation!)

More specifically... Why I talk so much about my medical journey. I have always loved to talk, as anyone who knows me can attest to, and as I mentioned in ...

At a loss for words

As I mentioned when  I reintroduced myself in my previous blog  posts, I have not written a  blog post in well over 1 year. In my own defense, I am  ...

My Blind Life – Today

Okay, so my last blog post I gave you the history behind my hydrocephalus, and what it is.  However, that doesn't really explain how we got to where things are ...

A little background (for the new folks)

For those of you who have been around awhile, some of this is old news.  However, some folks may not know my history, so I thought I would give a ...

Don’t Call Me. I’ll Call You.

Don't call me.   I'll call you. Maybe. I have ALWAYS told solicitors "If I want or need what you've got, I will call you." I mean,  if I need siding, ...