A Difference of Opinion

I recently posted one of my “Questions of the Day” on my personal Facebook profile,  asking folks to share their ‘unpopular opinions’.  I started it off by sharing one of mine.  I will do so here as well.
I started off by saying that I am not on the Brad Pitt “bandwagon”.  I don’t hate him or find him repulsive or anything.  However, I could take him or leave him.  I think he is average looking, but more easily leans to slob like and unkept looking than dapper.  I know he has that ability, but based on most pictures and videos (NOT in a movie), he clearly prefers unkept.  I do not. LOL
The big thing is that I just don’t tend to care for the types of movies he typically acts in.
So, there’s that.
This sparked quite the conversation, which, thankfully, was civil and respectful, even between the die-hard Pitt fans and myself.  I appreciated that, and enjoyed that interaction, as a result.

Unfortunately, that civil type of interaction is not always the case (at least, not at this time in our history) on social media.  This is especially true when so many of the current “hot button” topics of conversation are brought up.
This is unfortunate and a bit sad.  As a result, I openly admit that I do not engage a lot in conversations with folks who bring up these types of topics.  When I DO, I absolutely try and choose my words carefully and be as respectful as possible when sharing an opposing opinion.  I have even apologized when I have said something that came out more stern or angry or judgemental than was intended, if it was interpreted as such.
However, not everyone is like that.
Regardless, this is my blog, so I will do so here.

I vehemently support and actively participate in wearing a mask.  I feel it is downright irresponsible and selfish to make a choice NOT to do so, when you are medically able.  I feel it puts others at risk and shows a total disregard for anyone but you.  There are more studies that support their effectiveness than those that negate their benefit.  And, if they don’t cause harm, what does it hurt to wear one?  I just don’t understand.
Folks don’t complain about policies like “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”  Just add “no mask” to that sign.

I have read and see some of the points that have been made by the other side of this topic.  I respect them.  It doesn’t change my mind, but I agree everyone has a right to their opinion.

What really bothers me nowadays is the utter divisiveness and vitriol that is being displayed and spewed by so many people during these interactions.
The list of topics that probably should not be brought up seems to have a new addition.
Politics, religion, and now, mask wearing.

I feel like we used to be able to have civil and open conversations about things like this.  However, now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I get it.  People are passionate about and have strong opinions on these things.  However, at least on social media, people have forgotten how to have respectful and open conversations about these topics.

So, while I know I have participated in some conversations regarding mask wearing that others started on their own social media pages, I am trying very hard to refrain going forward.  I just can’t handle the ugliness and anger that ultimately ensues among other participants in the conversation.

Let’s just go back to discussing the weather, Brad Pitt, and maybe Leonardo DiCaprio for now.  (I could also take him or leave him. LOL)

Stay home.
Stay safe.
Wear a mask.

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