Quarantine Fatigue

Isn’t it crazy all the new terms that have been coined in the last few months?
“Masking”, “zooming”, and “quarantine fatigue”, just to name a few.  I wonder if any of them will be added to the Webster’s dictionary in the next edition?? LOL

I have joked that I have been practicing for this time for the last three years.  I am used to being at home and not going out much.  I actually talked about that in a previous blog post.
However, for those of you who are still working full-time and are much more active from day to day, I know it is starting to weigh on you.
That is what they are now calling “quarantine fatigue”.  At first the Zoom calls were weird, but you got used to them after having them daily or several times a week.  And, the novelty wore off.
Initially it was great to only have to “dress to impress” from the waist up, but now we long to have a reason to shave our legs or wear pants.
And, as much as we love our family, we have likely started needing a bit of a break from having to share more time together during the day than many might be used to.
Let’s not even talk about our pets.  The dogs are beyond happy to have more human companionship, however, the cats are planning their revenge and just want their owners to get the heck out of THEIR houses. LOL

Look, I get it.  We are all tired.  If not physically, to some extent, most certainly, emotionally.
We have become teachers (MAD props and a huge shout-out to the educators out there!!), tech “experts” (cuz we know many of us still haven’t figured out how to get in frame for all those video calls), and have taken on a bunch of new roles, without much training or warning.

Just know this:
You are not alone.  Find your village and share the burden.
And remember…

We are all #inthistogether.

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