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What a Time to be Alive!

Okay, so there might be just a tad bit of sarcasm in the title, but still…
It IS a crazy time right now with the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are dealing with.

Buzz words like ‘social distancing’ and trending hash tags like #alonetogether (hint: it isn’t as romantic as it sounds😉) have taken over our news-feeds and internet home pages.
Products are unavailable online and the shelves are bare in our local grocery stores.  Toilet paper, anyone?

Seriously though…
Although I AM a very social being, I am also very used to spending a lot of time at home, since getting ‘jacked up’ in 2017.
(For new folks, that is how I refer to the medical emergencies I experienced in 2017.  It is less doom and gloom sounding, don’t you think?)
It HAS been a bit of a bummer though, since, I am used to getting my “in person” social interaction at my two monthly Coffee & Cocktails with MC (my nonprofit) networking events, and we have had to cancel the last two due to the current government mandated “stay-at-home” order.

I absolutely sympathize with and relate to all the extroverts who are struggling right now.  If the pandemic had hit 3 years ago, when I could still see and drive and was working fulltime, I would be struggling at the sudden restriction to doing so.

Maybe what I have gone through was just all part of the plan to help me be able to handle what we are now ALL going through.  Maybe it was so I could share what I have learned these past 3 years to help others find ways to adjust and cope.

Who knows.
I just know that video conferencing is having its day right now. 😊

Hang in there.
We are #allinthistogether!

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