Got Questions??

As you know, I took some time off from the blog.  And, in that time I have met a lot of new folks; both, in person at my Coffee & Cocktails with MC events, and online.

So, many of you didn’t know me before my medical emergencies.  I also realize now that many of you who did know me before, still have questions.

I make a point of sharing my story as often as I can, because I want to educate folks on these medical conditions (Guillain Barre Syndrome and hydrocephalus) and help people understand how they affect my daily life.

I will be doing a post answering FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) but would like to make sure I answer any questions you may have.

So, please feel free to comment with your questions or shared experiences and I will make sure to cover your questions and/or comments in a blog post in the very near future!

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